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Courtesy: Published: 4th August, 2013. Reclink Australia and AFL India are organising a tour from Australia to India for the National AFL Cup which […] More
Courtesy: Published: 12th June, 2013. It was that kind of a summer afternoon in Mumbai where people would rather stay indoors than venture […] More
Courtesy: Published: 21st April, 2013. The look of sheer surprise on the faces of Indian sport lovers when you mention Footy is completely […] More
Courtesy: Published: 11th March, 2013. 18 players a-side on a huge oval field, fisting a rugby-like ball, kicking it through sky-high posts, and almost a […] More
Courtesy: Published: 23rd February, 2013. Australian Trade Commissioner and Vice President of Australian Rules Football Association in India, Tom Calder, was special guest at the […] More
Courtesy: Published: 8th february, 2013. Sudip Chakraborty, Secretary General of the Australian Rules Football Association in India has written to the EAAFL in […] More
Courtesy: Published: 22nd January, 2013. One per cent of India’s population is roughly half Australia’s population. So a significant fan base could emerge […] More
Courtesy: Published: 7th january, 2013. Richmond is happy to report that jerseys donated to ‘Sash and Treasure’ last year, have made it to […] More
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